Student Performance, awards & distinctions

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Archimedean Schools: Accomplishments 2013-2014 Dr. George Kafkoulis 2386
AUC National Ranking 2014: #19 in USA by The Washington Post Dr. George Kafkoulis 4679
On March 8-10, 2013, six AUC 9th graders amazed the Astronaut Challenge competition! (2) Dr. George Kafkoulis 1633
AUC ArchiSci 3rd in 2013 State Science Olympiad: Aims higher in 2014 Dr. George Kafkoulis 3462
Quiz Bowl 2013: We go to the Nationals! Dr. George Kafkoulis 1416
AUC Ocean Bowl Team 2013 continues to make History!! (2) Dr. George Kafkoulis 1348
Shiva Kangeyan excels at the Intel ISEF, Aditya Shetty at Genius Science Olympiad, Vaidya Govindarajan at I-SWEEEP Dr. George Kafkoulis 1540
AUC National Ranking 2013: #26 in USA Dr. George Kafkoulis 2359
A.U.C. Class of 2013 Astonishing with their College Placement Demetrios Demopoulos 1834
A.U.C. Science Olympiad Trip to Snowy Ohio A Great Success Demetrios Demopoulos 1558
AUC wins 2012 South Florida History Bowl Championship - AUC Students advance to Nationals in History Bee and Geography Challenge Dr. Kiriake Xerohemona & Todd Yamron 1374
AUC Accreditation Commendations & Required Actions Dr. George Kafkoulis 1375
AUC Accreditation Report 2012 Dr. George Kafkoulis 1418
First Graduating Class of A.U.C. Set The Bar High Demetrios Demopoulos 1883
AUC Accreditation Celebration Dr. George Kafkoulis 1894
AA State Rankings Susan Simpson 1489
2012 EOC & FCAT Results: AUC At The Top; First in Florida in Biology; Second in Florida in Writing Demetrios Demopoulos 1570
A.U.C. Science Olympiad Team Makes History: First High-School Team From Miami-Dade To Earn Its Way To Nationals! Theano Georgoulakis, Lenny Martinez, Demetrios Demopoulos 1433
A.U.C. Students Win Awards in Junior Academy of Science Competition Demetrios Demopoulos 1493
A.U.C. Robotics Team Wins Regionals, Qualifies to National Competition for Second Consecutive Year Gustavo Palacios 1433
A.U.C. earns its way to the NATIONAL HISTORY BOWL & BEE! Demetrios Demopoulos 1383
AA 5th Place MDC SUMDOG Math Competition Susan Simpson 1403
State releases school rankings; A.U.C. earns top spot in Florida Demetrios Demopoulos 1396
A.U.C. students chosen for the All-State Chorus Demetrios Demopoulos 1440
AA 2011-12 SPELLING BEE Susan Simpson 1329
AA Scores at SCEME Susan Simpson 1475
AMC BLUE RIBBON AWARD Vasiliki Moysidis 1372
2011 FCAT ranking per grade Dr. George Kafkoulis 2036
2011 FCAT Florida Ranking: 13th-2nd-6th Dr. George Kafkoulis 1744
Two Blue Ribbon Schools on Campus Dr. George Kafkoulis 2376
ArchiSci – Robotics: Building on Recent Success, Designing Future Achievements! Gustavo Palacios 1580
ArchiSci – Robotics: Building on Recent Success, Designing Future Achievements! Gustavo Palacios 1184
AA & AMC Blue Ribbon Schools 2011 Dr. George Kafkoulis 2346
Advanced Placement 2011 - A Growing Success Demetrios Demopoulos 1637
Advanced Placement 2011 - A Growing Success Demetrios Demopoulos 1333
????????? ????????????? 2011 - ???????????? Demetrios Demopoulos 1667
????????? ????????????? 2011 - ???????????? Demetrios Demopoulos 1311
Congratulations Academy Family Susan Simpson 1342
School Accountability Reports Announced; A.U.C. At The Very Top In The State Demetrios Demopoulos 1514
A.U.C. – 2011 District Champions in MDCPS Geography Bee Dr. Kalai Panneerselvam 1431
A.U.C. – 2011 District Champions in MDCPS Geography Bee Dr. Kalai Panneerselvam 1256
A.U.C. Among The Very Best Once Again ! Demetrios Demopoulos 1315
A.U.C. Students Earn Top Scores in the 2011 FCAT Writing Demetrios Demopoulos 1481
AA Blue Ribbon Nomination Susan Simpson 1309
A.U.C.'s team surprises all at Oceanic Bowl Dr. Kalai Panneerselvam 1373
A Banner Day for ArchiSci! Gustavo Palacios 1439
A.U.C. class of 2012 on track to graduation Demetrios Demopoulos 1290
Archimedean Middle Conservatory: An "A" School Again! Vasiliki Moysidis 1299
Archimedean Academy Achieves an "A" Grade and Meets AYP AGAIN! Susan Simpson 1251
2nd Place winner in National Philosophy Competition: Virgilio Arguello Dr. George Kafkoulis 1714
Regional Science Fair 2010 Dr. George Kafkoulis 1699
2010 SECME & Brain Bowl- First Place Dr. George Kafkoulis 1843
Camila Lopez-Bosch wins Fairchild Challenge T-Shirt Competition Winner Dr. George Kafkoulis 1675
Haiti Relief Festival Dr. George Kafkoulis 1691
Bees District Champions Again! Dr. George Kafkoulis 1648
Shiva Kangeyan: 1st Place in Florida 2010 Science Fair Junior Microbiology Dr. George Kafkoulis 1728
2010 FCAT Florida Ranking: 6th-2nd-9th Dr. George Kafkoulis 1673
2010 Advanced Placement Exams: A.U.C. Passing Rate Higher Than National Average Demetrios Demopoulos 1263
AMC represents Florida in National Science Olympiad 2010 Dr. George Kafkoulis 1669
FCAT 2010: Our best ever! Dr. George Kafkoulis 1978
Six A.U.C students travel to Greek Newspaper Headlines Vasiliki Moysidis 1205
FCAT historical Dr. George Kafkoulis 2018
2010 FCAT ranking per grade Dr. George Kafkoulis 2604